Precious metals for your value four classic precious metal watch recommended

Now on the uk replica watches with the precious metal mainly in the rose gold, gold, platinum, platinum-based, so why use these precious metals after the price of the watch is probably more than ordinary times more expensive times If the price is simply precious metals, then certainly not to such a price, then to what causes it? Today, watch home for everyone to recommend several precious metal watch, by the way and explore why the metal so expensive Watch Comments: Since the precious metals of course, have to talk about gold, and that gold watch must be mentioned Rolex, so I did not escape, for everyone to recommend is this super classic gold. Rolex is one of the most hedging brands in today's watch, especially gold, and it is said that in the casinos around the world, gold can be used directly in exchange for cash. Gold should be the most valuable precious metals, so the gold watch relative to other ordinary material watch some seemingly just a matter of course. Watch Comments: The watch used for the 18K rose gold rolex uk to create, rose gold and gold alloy, because of its very stylish, beautiful rose color, so called Rose gold. Since the rose gold is gold and brass alloy, then it also has a certain hedge, I think this is the reason why the rose gold watch too expensive. Above recommended this watch 39 mm white dial design simple and generous. 6 o'clock direction date set and moon phase display. Cal.925 self-winding movement, 43 hours of power reserve, 18K rose gold case with brown crocodile leather strap, is simply a combination of fresh and deep. Watch Comments: Lange's watch has always been used to build all precious metals, the above recommended for this 18K platinum to create, generally referred to as platinum, its full name should be "white K gold", also known as White Gold. It is made of gold and other white metal together with a platinum-free white alloy. Among them, the percentage of gold up to 75%. Because this alloy is white, so called platinum. We should understand it, because it is also the main reason for gold and other metals, it also has a certain hedge, this watch is a simple three-pin design, equipped with Lange production Cal.L051 .1 manual winding movement, power reserve up to 55 hours. Watch Comments: This fake watches is used for 950 platinum to build, know how precious metal investment people know, in fact, the preservation of platinum is simply less than gold, but the price is expensive a lot. This is to take into account the rare platinum, platinum is the world's most rare jewelry with one of the metal, the annual output of only 5% of gold. And the processing is difficult, the program is more complicated than the gold, so the price is relatively high, which is platinum watch than the rose gold, platinum. Gold section of the watch should be expensive reasons, and to rare. Recommended this watch carrying Vacheron Constantin Cal.1120 self-winding movement, the thickness of only 2.45 mm, case diameter of 42 mm. Summary: Some brands in some high complexity of the material on the watch are mostly used to build precious metals, and do not make steel with the watch. Because you want to buy these complex models of watches are mostly watch collectors, generally will not be out of the watch to trade, so they buy steel and precious metals section of the meaning is not much difference, so if the brand for Some super complex models introduced steel version, then I believe that those collectors will give priority to the purchase of steel, because it will be much cheaper. For our ordinary consumers, want to buy a hedge watch, in addition to the brand and other factors, the material is also a very critical factor, precious metals are generally better than the base metal to keep a little bit. But if it is investment watch, look forward to appreciation, I think there is no need to invest in the watch.